Our Community

A Vibrant Place to Call Home

As the children and grandchildren of Gloucester fishermen, we’re proud to call this place our home.  Gloucester is known across our country, and we call ourselves “America’s Homeport”.  The reasons the nation knows us are the reasons why we love it: its rich and living history as a seaport, its still-thriving legacy as a center for arts and culture, and the unique beauty of its lands and waters.


The land that is Gloucester is twenty-six square miles of varied terrain, coastal natural resources and spectacular views.  A large part of the city is an island, shared with Rockport, separated from the mainland and the remainder of the city by the Annisquam River and Ipswich Bay. The island connects to the mainland by two automobile bridges – the beautiful A. Piatt Andrew Bridge and the Blynman Drawbridge, which we call “The Cut” – and a railroad bridge linking us to the heart of Boston.

Our rocky home is defined by the sea around it, with over thirty-five miles of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, our harbors and coves, and the Annisquam River.  Originally called “le Beau Port” by Samuel Champlain who visited in 1605-06, Gloucester was colonized and named a town in 1623 – we were one of the first settlements in the country, and our growth and prosperity led Gloucester to become a city in 1873.

Some of the land, a few remaining houses, and a large part of the natural splendor remain much as they were 400 years ago.  As a 21st century American community, we are committed to maintain the wonder of the land – much of which remains undeveloped in its natural state, from beach dunes and marsh to inland wetlands to massive ledge outcroppings – to manage change and growth, and to provide for the quality-of-life that people have come to expect.

And we remain a city of villages and neighborhoods – Eastern Point; East Gloucester and the art colony of Rocky Neck; Downtown, with its Fort and Portagee Hill neighborhoods; the mainland communities of Magnolia, West Gloucester and Wingaersheek; and the villages of North Gloucester: Riverdale, Annisquam, Bay View, Lanesville and Folly Point.  Let us help you find your own corner of the world here among us!